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Daredevil Evel Knievel Makes One Last Jump
Posted by bibleland on Tuesday, April 01 @ 01:00:00 CDT (8727 reads)

Who can forget the man who was the front runner to today’s impossible dirt bike ramp jumps of over 300 feet. Robert Knievel christened “Evel” while briefly incarcerated early on in his 69 year life went on to entertain the world with his Harley Davidson wheelies and life threatening jumps to the Snake River Canyon near disaster. Evel lived high on the hog most of his life. Anything he wanted he had, anything he wanted to do, he did. Several documentaries and books have revealed most of good and much of the bad in Evel’s prodigal life. However just before he was laid to rest in 2007, his closing chapter perhaps you missed. It’s a jump that is infinitely longer and the more satisfying than any in his career.

I believe Knievel would have appreciated me not giving it all away so I’ll let the man take center stage and give it to us in his own words. This brief YouTube video is one of the most moving of its kind.

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Savant Rex Lewis-Clack
Posted by bibleland on Friday, November 02 @ 14:08:27 CDT (15722 reads)

Savants give us glimpses of the talents we all once had but are not normally manifested. They show up sporadically and amaze us in the process. 

Article by Lesley Stahl - CBS correspondent. Edited for length.

Rex Lewis-Clack was born with an array of problems so extreme it looked as though he might never walk, talk, or do much of anything. And yet he has a talent the rest of us can only dream of.

Rex is blind;  he can't tie his shoes, or dress himself, or even carry on a basic conversation.  But with all the things Rex can't do, he can do this: Play any note on the piano and Rex can tell you what it is. “F sharp, D flat, F, C sharp,” he says, exhibiting a talent only one in 10,000 people have.

But it isn't just Rex's ability to recognize notes that's extraordinary.

To see the rest of this article click Read More.
To see the video clip of Rex click Video.

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Costa Rican Stone Spheres
Posted by bibleland on Friday, August 17 @ 20:40:53 CDT (11196 reads)

So, I get off the plane in the middle of nowhere Costa Rica.  It’s a small town called Palmar Sur and its airport is the little one room metal shack you see.  As we pulled away from the airport, I asked my driver what the stone sphere was in the field next door and he launches into this spiel about how they were made a couple thousand of years ago and that they don’t know who made them or why.  He said they think they were perhaps models of the galaxy or solar system.

I just could not believe it!!! Of all the places in the world these things could’ve been, they were right here at this tiny airport in southern Costa Rica! What luck! I had wanted to see these and had researched them some, but had not noted their location since I knew it would be a couple years before we start filming the artifacts we’re interested in.

These stone spheres varied in size – some only coming to my knees and some...

To see the rest of this article and see a stone sphere, click Read More.

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Giant Grasshoppers & Beetles oh My!
Posted by bibleland on Friday, August 17 @ 19:54:55 CDT (15247 reads)

Well, if you thought giants insects died out with the Flood, you need to visit Costa Rica! After hearing about an opportunity to buy land in Costa Rica in June, I found myself – less than a week later – on my way to CR before I even I knew what time zone they were in. So needless to say, I had no idea that CR is home to some pretty BIG bugs!

When I discovered giant grasshoppers about 6 inches long, I asked a kid to hunt for any big insects. Soon I had seen giant blue butterflies the size of small plates and giant frogs who left calling cards as big as cat doodoo!

Anyway, I have very long fingers so my from finger tip to wrist I’m about 6 ¾ inches. But that grasshopper in the photo was only a small one! The big ones were 10 inches with red wings underneath. Quite startling and cool.

Then there were the giants of the beetle family - rhino beetles. I had 3 awesome specimens (dead) in a glass jar to bring home. I declared them and had no problem getting through customs, but I had to go to Aspen for the weekend and when I tried to fly home Monday morning was I in for a big surprise!

To read the rest of this article, click Read More.

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Mammoth Reward Offered to Find World’s Largest Mastodon a New Home
Posted by bibleland on Tuesday, December 05 @ 20:25:28 CST (8673 reads)

In April of 2006, the world famous one-eyed Cy-clops kitten found a new home at the Lost World Museum. Now the museum’s owner, John Adolfi, informs us that a replica of the world’s largest Mastodon will also grace the new museum scheduled to open in spring 2007. What’s even more exciting is that the original fossilized skull is up for sale and the museum is offering a reward of up to $10,000 to the person who aids in the sale of it.

Priced at $500,000 the Lost World Museum is offering the world a chance to own this magnificent one of a kind fossil. Found in a Texan gravel bed in 2000 and restored by bone digger and artist Joe Taylor of the Mount Blanco museum, the Lone Star Mastodon is the world’s largest Mastodon. It’s epic proportions include standing fourteen feet at the shoulder with an estimated length of 30 feet from the point of its nine foot tusks to its fur covered tail. With an estimated weight of over ten tons, this ancient wonder of the animal kingdom would even tower over P.T. Barnum’s Jumbo by 2 feet! Even more unusual is that it has 4 tusks instead of 2; the second, smaller set extending out the chin area.

Adolfi, a professed creationist, states that the museum will house it’s own replica of the Lone Star Mastodon because he feels this fossil flies in the face of Evolution’s predominate claim that life starts off simple and small and over time develops into something larger and more complex. “Our Earth’s fossil record harbors dragonflies with 29-inch wingspans, 100-foot tall ferns, eight-foot beavers, mammoths and mastodons larger than our modern elephants.  How do these fit into the 3 billion years of slow progression from nothing to what we see today? But from a creationist world view where the original human, animal and plant kingdom began 6000 years ago as super large and complex and has been rapidly weakening and shrinking since then, then this huge four tusked, ancient Mastodon makes total sense,” says Adolfi.

Since the museum’s owner understands the manpower necessary to find that right buyer, Adolfi is calling on the public for help and giving everyone the opportunity, tools and encouragement to get the word out to those who would want the biggest, most unique and rarest of the rare artifacts and collectables. Up to $10,000 is promised to the person who makes that connection between the Lost World Museum and that special collector and the sale finalizes. All information, statistics and photos necessary to interest a potential buyer are provided on the Museum’s website. One simply educates themselves on the principle points of interest concerning the mastodon and then direct the potential buyer to the website or to the Lost World Museum for more information.

So, whether you believe this Mastodon has a rightful place in the evolutionary family tree or lost its life in the Biblical flood of Noah, you can behold the San Antonio Texas Behemoth, the magnificent Lone Star Mastodon at Lost World Museum.

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Darwin’s Mistake
Posted by bibleland on Tuesday, November 14 @ 16:56:21 CST (6884 reads)

Could Darwin have possibly made a mistake? Impossible you say? If Darwin had known about the evidence found in Dr. Hans J. Zillmer book Darwin’s Mistake, would Charles Darwin have renounced his position and re-joined the ranks of Creationists?

See why author Dr. Hans J. Zillmer’s case is so compelling.

Read about dinosaurs and other large fossils found UPRIGHT in rock. Does this imply rapid burial? How do evolutionary scientists account for these phenomena?

What about human artifacts found in coal? We all know coal is 100 - 300 million years old and that humans are supposedly 3-5 million. What does it mean to find a thimble, a brass bell or iron pot in coal? Could humans have been around when coal was formed?

Why do ancient maps show an iceless Antarctica with mountain ranges and lakes? What really happened during the Flood? Were there four ice ages spanning millions of years or just one after the flood that slowly covered the poles as man was first exploring them.

See nine different examples of Dinosaurs depicted in ancient artworks before Dinos were discovered and understood. If what we are seeing is true, then it means man and Dinos were contemporaneous of each other. Imagine man harnessing a Stegosaurs or a T-Rex readying to go into battle. What would Darwin have said about this?

The book’s 230 pages are packed with every imaginable evidence chipping away at evolution’s seemingly immoveable foundation stones. Certainly a challenge to the 200 years of preconceived opinions we have inherited.

Don’t make the same mistake Darwin did. Conclusions regarding our origins require that we examine all the evidence available. Click here to order your copy of Darwin’s Mistake.

(Read More... | Score: 3.14)

Are Savants & Prodigies a Glimpse at Early Human Abilities: Part 2
Posted by bibleland on Thursday, September 14 @ 14:03:24 CDT (8874 reads)

In a previous article (Are Savants and Prodigies a Glimpse at Early Human Abilities?) we introduced you to several prodigious savants that despite being mentally handicapped in other areas, showed tremendous abilities way beyond normal intelligence. We suggested that this gives us a glimpse into what we were once capable of when we were first created. Now we would like to revisit this fascinating concept by introducing you to Orlando Sorrel (not sure of spelling).

In an interesting video interview on CNN.com titled the “Mystery of Savants,” Dr. Treffert, who has studied savants for over 40 years and was an advisor on the movie Rainman introduces us to several savants. First we meet Andrew Savage, a prodigious savant who is autistic but has been playing the piano since he was 6. At age 14 he has played with the greatest of musicians with the greatest of ease though he only practices about an hour every day. It is not uncommon to for an autistic person to be a savant since about 1 in 10 people with autism are savants, but “there are only about 100 prodigious savants in the world.”(Gupta 2006) They have the most incredible talents of all.

But as interesting as Andrew is, even more fascinating is the condition that Dr. Treffert calls “acquired savant”. “Orlando Sorrel’s childhood was normal until age 10 when he was struck in the head by a baseball. The injury somehow resulted in...

To see the rest of this article click Read More.

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The Gospel In The Stars
Posted by bibleland on Tuesday, September 05 @ 19:03:36 CDT (9132 reads)

Your picture of God matters. There is a bottom line in Christianity that you have to know God CAN do what you need Him to do and that He WANTS to do what you need Him to do. If you don’t fully believe one of those fundamental concepts then your Christian walk will be crippled. So would you like to fully understand Romans 1:16 which says that the gospel is the explosive power of God channeled towards our salvation? Would you like to truly be reassured that God can do “exceedingly abundantly above whatever we can ask or imagine?”

Bibleland Studios is pleased to announce a brand new media presentation “The Gospel In The Stars.” Using the most beautiful and amazing of the Hubble photos, it reveals some of the incredible lessons of God’s power and faithfulness that He is trying to share with us night after night. 

Call today and Bibleland Studios can present “The Gospel in the Stars” at your church. Slide show or PowerPoint versions both available.

(Read More... | Score: 3.16)

Giant Human Footprints in Stone?
Posted by bibleland on Wednesday, July 19 @ 20:22:02 CDT (32023 reads)

Can Modern Human Footprints be in Stone?

In 1976 famed anthropologist Mary Leaky discovered 70 human footprints in stone in Tanzania known as the Laetoli tracks. Leaky felt they looked like they were made by modern human beings, but that created a problem. The depressions left by our ancestors were in a stratum dated at 3.6 million years. No modern human could have laid down that track since we were not around yet according to evolution.

What happens when evidence doesn’t support a theory?

In spite of Mary Leaky’s declaration of a modern look to the prints, notice what happens when evidence seems to contradict the evolutionary model. Enter the scientists, scrutinizing the prints (as they should) but looking for an alternative explanation – one that will “fit”. Some said the prints resembled a humanoid like creature,. Others thought the prints were from another creature altogether. In the end they concluded that a type of Lucy - half man, half monkey like being were responsible for these tracks. Phew! Evolution was safe again - end of story.

But could these several million year old imprints in stone simply be as they appear - from a modern human? To the scientific community it’s unthinkable and unacceptable. Why? Because they would have to conclude that...

To see the rest of this article click Read More.

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When Cattle Doesn't Mean a Cow
Posted by bibleland on Sunday, June 11 @ 12:56:18 CDT (19398 reads)

Translation is not an exact science; in fact, often times a translator must transliterate (take a best guess) when a word has no exact match in the new language. In 1611, King James authorized a team of scholars to create a New English Bible. The team gave us the King James Bible; a version that many today still think the best translation of the Holy Scriptures. Did these scholars translate word for word throughout the Bible or did they, like all translators do, run into difficult words or passages due to lack of exactly matching words or due to cultural differences that made passages hard to understand. The answer is; yes, the KJV translators had to choose English words that they believed best described the spirit of the original texts. In several cases; an ability to read the original language reveals some major surprises - including the idea that man has always lived with dinosaurs and even domesticated them! Could this really be true? Read on to find out.

In the book of Job; specifically at Job 40:15 through the end of the chapter, a creature identified as behemoth is mentioned by God: "Behold now behemoth which I made with thee....” The description of the creature could only be that of a brachiosaurus or other such sauropod - for no other animal of that size has a tail that would remind one of a cedar tree. This is the only time - in English - that the word behemoth is translated directly from the Hebrew. If a person looks in a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance {Strong's} that word is assigned the number 930. But God just told Job that He created behemoth on the same day as He created man - day six. One would think God must be mistaken - a review of Genesis day six account only says God created cattle, creeping thing and beast of the earth on day six. Did God make a mistake?

To see the rest of this article, click Read More.

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